Ethical Hamster Care Book 101




This ethical hamster care book will guide you in providing the proper care to your pet hamster. Whether this if your first time or you are trying to educate yourself more. This book doesn’t only contain essential tips on how to choose the right hamster for you or what accessories you need.

It also dives deeps into information to ensure that your hamster is receiving the proper care and that you are given tips on vital matters. This includes knowing what sicknesses your hamster might come across, cleaning the cage safely, and how to enjoy a new life with your pet, to name a few.


  • 90+ pages of pure hamster care information and tips
  • photos for easier understanding
  • easy-links to recommended hamster products to get online
  • periodic updates
  • bonus: printable hamster task planner (4 templates) – (valued at $2)


  • computer
  • mobile or tablet as PDF/epub- download the app “ReadEra” for Table of Contents link to work
  • Ebook Reader – Check your device’s own “Table of Contents” feature for accessing the chapters
  • Kindle – if your kindle only supports black&white, photos might not display properly



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