Hamsters deserve to live a happy and healthy life

Caring for hamsters is more than just bringing them home and building cute houses. It’s letting them know that you have their back no matter what.

We have a catalogue of products to help you provide the best care for your pet hamster. Whether you have had experience before or looking to expand your knowledge, we have something for you.

what we have for you

Apart from writing and publishing articles to help you care for your hamster, we also have created products that can ease up all the to-dos and things to remember to make your hamster parent’s life more convenient and fun. These products are easy to use whether you are an adult or a young child.

If you are a parent who is thinking of saying yes to your kid to having a hamster as a pet, we recommend you use some or all of these products to teach and guide them to be more responsible for their pet.

Printable Checklist of Basic Hamster Needs

This printable checklist is to take a look at what you need to buy and/or prepare before you bring a hamster home, from a cage, toys, bedding, dens, food, and more! The checklist is very straightforward to use.

It’s a PDF file and ready to print. If your kid is trying to convince you that they can afford to have a pet or if you want to see how much it will cost to get a hamster pet, get this checklist, print it, add the price next to each item and calculate the initial cost of parenting a hamster.

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Colour-coded Two-Month Task Planner Forr To-Do List

Our task planner is planned for the 2-month to-do list. It has four (4) templates for you to choose from, one to guide one on how to use it, and three that are ready to use. The planners are colour guided and can be customised based on your liking. Again, this product is user-friendly both for kids and adults.

This planner also has a shopping list area to help you remember which supplies are low on stock. You can print this task planner as much as you want, and it can be used all year round. 

you can have your hamster tasks and to-dos in one place! Find more information here.

Hamster Care Book: Providing ethical and sustainable care

To ensure we give our pets the best care, we must do our research beforehand. If you miss doing so, it’s not too late. 

We wrote a book to help you understand hamsters as pets, and how to properly care for them so they can live a longer, happier life with you. There are 16 chapters in the book that will take your hamster care knowledge from basic to badass.

If you’re unsure if a hamster is a suitable pet for you, this book can also help you decide and visualise what your life will be like as a hamster parent.

This book is available in PDF, Kindle, and printed.

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